After Breaking the Internet, Drew Elliott is Back to Breaking the Guest List

Stefon would love this place.

FridayThe3rdIn a New York Times piece titled “Going Out on Weekends Is No Longer Just for Amateurs,” Michael Musto suggests two key factors are driving a renewed love of the weekend nightlife among NYC’s hardcore populace.

Firstly, it’s easier than ever, if-and-when needed, to hook up during the week using an App like Grindr or Tinder. Secondly, because of the rising cost of living in Manhattan and surroundings, chances are that if-and-when not if-and-when-ing, folks are working extra hard to pay the bills.

All of this is good news for Drew Elliott, who during the week is chief creative officer of Paper magazine and on weekends, co-promoter of the weekly Times Square/Paramount Hotel bash known as PrettyUgly. Per Musto’s article:

“The weekend is when we can let loose and do what we want to do,” said Mr. Elliott, who is also the chief creative officer at Paper magazine and a longtime party promoter. “Everything today is about big and explosive and exciting.”

Those same words could apply to Elliott’s cover efforts last fall involving Kim Kardashian and a champagne bottle. But as far as his own personal style, at the office or on the dance floor, this man of many talents prefers:

“If asked to describe my style in a word, it would be villainous. I take a lot of inspiration from Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd in Who Framed Roger Rabbit). I like a balance between cartoon and classic. That said, I almost exclusively wear women’s clothing. I also love to trick the eye. All of my shoes are stacked. Whether it be Givenchy creepers or shoes from 8th street in Manhattan that I have customized on St. Marks Street, I must have a little lift.”

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