Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

Yeas & Nays, the Washington Examiner‘s gossip column, reports today that they “hear” rapper Drake “stopped by Sprinkles cupcakes in Georgetown on Tuesday but went unnoticed by staff.”

That’s odd. Local paparazzo DCCelebrity (who casually goes by “Marky Mark” on Twitter) snapped a photo of Drake and his entourage of body guards that followed him around the D.C. area. Is it really possible these bulky guys with their stretched out size “mini” T-shirts went “unnoticed”… in a cupcake store?

No, it’s not. And that’s because Drake was never there. “He didn’t go there,” confirms DCCelebrity, who says he spent the entire day following Drake along with fellow paparazzo Colin Drummond.

Drummond seconded that Drake was “running around town the two HUGE bodyguards who were actually more scary when you see them up close.”  He says Drake hit up the Ralph Lauren store in Georgetown, Sports Zone, and then topped it
off by exiting the Gucci Store in Tyson’s with four enormous bags.

Washington Examiner Editor Stephen Smith explained the mishap to FBDC:

“Our reporter saw people tweeting about Drake stopping in at Sprinkles on Twitter.She wanted to confirm this, so she reached out to Sprinkles’ publicist. The publicist called back to say that none of the employees recognized Drake, but they had gathered he was in the store because the customers were buzzing about it. It was a leap from assumption to fact that we shouldn’t have made. We’ll be writing a correction.”