Dragon Search for iPhone: Accurate Speech Recognition Combined with Multiple Content Search Sources

[iPhone] Dragon Search for iPhone on 12seconds.tv

In MobileContentToday Podcast 40, Nuance Mobile Sr. VP & General Manager Michael Thompson told us that Dragon Search for iPhone would join Dragon Dictation for iPhone soon. And, good to his word, here it is…

Dragon Search 1.1.0

…and it is free (for now). Dragon Search’s twist in the spoken search genre is that you can point the transcribed search text to YouTube, Twitter Search, iTunes, and Wikipedia as well as Google/Yahoo/Bing.

Dragon Search’s recognition of my spoken words was pretty good in my brief initial test. I didn’t perform a head-to-head comparison with Google Mobile. But, it seemed to me like I didn’t have to repeat myself at all when using Dragon Search. Again, however, it was just a brief first test.