How to create drag and drop objects in Flash has a easy and helpful tutorial on how to create interactive objects in Flash that can be dragged and dropped. The insanely addictive Stardoll makes great use of a similar technique to create interactive paper dolls. This technique can also be used to create draggable photos or interactive games.

Here’s an example that I produced last year for the Contra Costa Times. Click “continue” and select “Carolyn Dundes.” The remote is both draggable and interactive.

As you can see, the remote is an odd shape and has a transparent drop shadow. To create draggable items in Flash that are not rectangles or squares, create your image in Photoshop or Illustrator with a transparent background. In the File menu, click save for web and select the “PNG-24” option. You can then import that object into Flash and it will retain its shape and/or transparency.