Dozen Mobile Phone Companies Ganging Up on iTunes App Store: Good Luck With That!

I’m not even sure what this means…

Orange, Telefonica, AT&T and nine others are forging an alliance to build an open technology platform designed to deliver applications to all mobile-phone users.

(Times Online UK) Mobile phone operators’ war on Apple apps

The phone companies will have a massive set of problems. Here’s just a few of them:

1. Deal with multiple mobile platforms
2. Educate non-technical end-users on how to find apps that run on (a) their platform and (b) specific versions of their platform (Nokia Symbian S60 fragmentation for example)
3. Create working relationships for developers working on a variety of platforms
4. Explain how this relates to not only the iTunes App Store but also BlackBerry App World, Nokia Ovi Store, and Android Market.
5. Create a unified and secure online purchase system with return policies, security vetting, etc.
6. Have all of these competitive companies work together to actually deliver this super-app store.

By the way, doesn’t GetJar already provide a multi-mobile-platform catalog site?