Downsized Journalist Raises More Than $7,000 to Pay Rent

moneyOn the brink of becoming homeless, former journalist Craig Lindsey got crafty.

The former Raleigh News and Observer writer has been unemployed for the past three years and his unemployment benefits ceased last January. He needed $900 to cover his rent and leveraged Indiegogo on New Year’s Eve to get it done. Lindsey wrote on the site, “I’m just looking to see if anyone can help with a few dollars on this most of dire of weeks.”

Well, as per Indiegogo, the former journo has raised $7,825! His profile indicates:

“As I go into my fourth year of joblessness, with little to no prospects on the horizon, I’ve often felt I made a huge mistake choosing this line of work. I also feel I’ve made a bigger mistake moving to an area where there’s not a lot of demand for my line of work. I don’t have family here, so I don’t even have that to fall back on. My friends try to help me out when they can, but they have their own troubles. I only ask if you can help me on this endeavor, and I will be eternally grateful.”

Restoring faith in human kindness, he ended up asking people to stop making donations once the initial goal had been met via his Tumblr account:

“First off, I should say that, people, you can stop sending money. If you want to donate, that’s fine, but really — I’m straight. Not only do I have enough to pay off the two months’ rent, but I can pay off the next two months. Honestly, I wish I could shut the thing down, but it’s apparently going to continue until it’s finally finished on Friday. At this point, I’d like to thank, with the utmost gratefulness and sincerity, everybody who donated.”