Downie’s Not Moving

Washington Post Executive Editor Len Downie isn’t leaving anytime soon, says Editor & Publisher’s Joe Strupp in a new full-length feature story on the longtime head honcho.

The article is well worth a read, what with its extensive background on Downie and some great behind-the-scenes details–especially Downie’s playtime with Bob Woodward.

> In other “know your D.C. correspondent” news, CBS’ Public Eye has a little Q&A with longtime White House radio reporter Mark Knoller and Hotline has finally archived their Friday Feature interviews with reporters.

Fox News’ Molly Henneberg gets this week’s treatment. Her most embarrassing moment? “I was anchoring an evening newscast many years ago, and two of the studio lights above me exploded while i was on air and in mid-sentence. The hot tungsten fell right on me, and I immediately jumped out of my chair and screamed. I wasn’t badly hurt, although I did have some burns on my hands. I just had to settle myself back down and continue with the newscast.”