Dow Jones CEO Richard Zannino To Resign


Newsweek is reporting that Dow Jones CEO Richard Zannino is expected to announce his this afternoon. From Newsweek:

”Zannino’s departure marks the beginning of high-level management changes that Murdoch’s News Corp. is poised to begin announcing next week, according to people privy to the plans, who spoke on condition that they not be identified prematurely addressing the looming moves.”

The $64,000 media question now is what role Robert Thomson of The Times of London — an ardent chaser of luxe bucks — will play moving forward at The Wall Street Journal. The fates of The Wall Street Journal and The Times of London have interesting ties. On Tuesday, the Times Newspapers Holdings Board holds a meeting that The Guardian speculates may have James Harding replacing Robert Thomson at the top editorial position on the paper. Two days later, NewsCorp completes its takeover of Dow Jones, setting up the interesting media scenario of Thomson getting the CEO position. Stay tuned …

(image via editorandpublisher)