Don’t Like “DipNote”?

Not everybody loves the name of the State Department’s new blog, “DipNote,” including a few FishbowlDC readers who sent in this Top Ten List of Rejected State Department Blog Names:

    10. Blackwater Serenade

    9. Condi Meant (First Post title: “Condi Fiddles while Nick Burns”).

    8. Kinky Boots (First Post title: “The Twee Communiques”).

    7. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rumsfeld! (First Post Title: “Allegro Con Dolcezza!”)

    6. Bottom-up Reconciliation (whoops! That was supposed to be in the “Top Ten Rejected Larry Craig blog names”).


    4. The Crocker Barrel (First Post: “The Global War On Errorism”)

    3. The Wolf o’ Wits

    2. Laying The Morning Cable (First Post: “I’ve Got Your Long Telegram Right Here, bub!”)

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Julie Mason also discovers the list.