Don’t Get MAD at MoMA, Get Even

“Oh, no she didn’t!” Rare is the magazine story about a museum that elicits this response, but the new Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) is known for heightening emotions, and well, we couldn’t help ourselves. Toward the end of the feature on MAD in the December issue of Travel & Leisure (complete with incredibly beautiful photos by Thomas Loof), writer Leslie Kamhi highlights the focus on process that sets MAD apart. And then talk turns to toasters. “We probably wouldn’t have a basic toaster in our collection,” explains MAD director Holly Hotchner. “But if we did, we’d have the prototypes and the drawings, and perhaps a film of the artist talking about how it came to be and what forces at the time moved the piece in that direction—whereas MoMA’s design department would put it on a pedestal and declare, ‘this is an important toaster.'” Oh, snap!