Don’t ever give Lloyd Grove an inscribed book about bear sex and then get indicted for perjury

Don't ever give Lloyd Grove an inscribed book, it won't end well.jpg…though it will go for a good cause. The NYDN’s magnanimous Lowdown columnist has put his personally inscribed copy of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s “The Apprentice” up for auction on eBay, with the proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society.

The gift, bequeathed to Grove back in 2003, is inscribed “For Lloyd, I hope it amuses you – Lewis Libby,” which would probably be a safe bet for those who enjoy tales of snowy sexual awakening and rockin’ the Casbah with a deer (Fishbowl is too much of a lady to actually spell out that particular violation. Bear sex is cool though).

Lloyd claims he “never got past the second page” but we can’t help but notice that the book is listed as being “in good condition” — not “new” or “like new” or “virtually untouched.” We’ve purchased books on eBay that have been in “good condition,” and we know that usually means it’s gotten a thorough thumb-through. We’re just sayin’. Secret predilection for animal-o-riffic prose or not, we think it’s great that Lloyd is doing his part to help out a worthy charity, even though it will probably mean that Bill O’Reilly will think twice before sending over his next saucy work of fiction.*

Bidding starts at $50 and will presumably skyrocket before the auction closes on Nov. 19th at 02:00:00 PST sharp.

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*We can’t help it, we love the line “Okay, Shannon Michaels, off with those pants.” Props to the New Yorker‘s Lauren Collins for keeping the legend alive.