Don’t Call the NYT/WSJ Cheap shots a War While Forbes Pesters Billionaires, Plus Other News of the Day

– There’s no war going on between the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal says NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger to Vanity Fair. Of course, that’s followed by NYT Executive Editor Bill Keller saying he reads the Journal less now and then added “‘People who don’t win prizes generally say’ they don’t care about winning them [rolls eyes].” If there isn’t one (yeah right) then NYT seems like they’re starting one.
Forbes is building off its billionaire beat by launching a blog dedicated to those richest among us. It’s sort of the billionaire version of hyperlocal reporting as Forbes has signed on reporters to cover their local master of industry. It’s set to launch next month, and Forbes has already commissioned LA Biz Observed editor Mark Lacter and financial journalists Dan Fost and Teri Buhl, according to Business Insider.

– The Columbia Journalism Review spoke with new Politico reporter Maggie Haberman, who joined the site five months ago. Previously she worked at the New York Post. Haberman gave some insight about what’s different about the web experience. “I have no off button now,” said Haberman. “If I don’t have the fixed end point of a daily deadline, it’s a little harder for me to turn my brain off. And, also, having a blog is a little different than filing once a day-with a blog you’re constantly filing. On the other hand, with a blog you have a real voice, which is a nice thing.”

– And finally, more information came out about the past of Discovery gunman James Lee. Amazingly, he was arrested and convicted of smuggling illegal immigrants into the U.S. Considering his hatred of people, this seems surprising. It began as a forced job after getting mugged in Tijuana, according to Lee’s plea agreement. ABC News reported that Lee began to enjoy the job. “For one brief moment in my whole worthless life I felt good about myself. I felt like I was really helping people,” said Lee in the agreement. Lee served 18 months in prison for the incident.