Donald Trump Wasn’t Finished Going After Megyn Kelly, Apparently

Kelly continues to ignore him.

While Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was on vacation, Donald Trump was apparently lying in wait so he could send a pair of zingers about her over his Twitter feed. And by zingers, we mean to say they had all the wit and nuance of an eight-year-old child sticking out his tongue. Here is what he tweeted Monday after Kelly’s return to her show, The Kelly File.

Worse were the follow ups in which Trump quoted tweets from supporters, including one who called Kelly a “bimbo.”

The real importance of the tweets are as signifiers that the Trump-Kelly beef that began during the first GOP debate has returned. And by beef we mean to say that Trump insults Kelly and she mainly ignores him, as per the standard protocol for dealing with bullies.

Where this will all end, we don’t know, especially since Trump continues to produce not just polling, but also ratings magic. As David Bauder reports for AP, Trump appearances have been significantly boosting ratings for the shows that host him, including a more than one-year ratings high for Meet the Press during its live interview with Trump.

Although some argue it’s what Trump says, rather than what Trump does for numbers, that gets him so much coverage, Bauder quotes television consultant David Bohrman as claiming it’s an irrelevant point: “At the end, does it really matter if both are valid reasons for covering him? There’s not a lot of other compelling stuff on television now. It’s the reality show of the season.”

And there you have it, folks. Our annual exercise in democratic participation: just another reality show.