Donald Trump Likes to Watch Himself on Mute, and Other Things Chuck Todd Learned

Glenn Thrush interviews Chuck Todd for the Off Message podcast.

We guess one good thing can come out of having a guest appear on your Sunday show over, and over, and over again: you begin to notice patterns, like the following observations host Chuck Todd made about Donald Trump, cultivated during his 18 appearances on Meet the Press over the past two years:

  • Trump doesn’t laugh, or at least Todd has never seen him do so.
  • Trump likes to watch tape of his interviews after they happen…on mute.

Then again, as Glenn Thrush describes in his interview with Todd for the Off Message podcast, Todd feels he was a little too acquiescent in playing by Trump’s rules:

Yet he shares something in common with his rivals. Todd feels burned by the process he just slogged through — and is aware that Trump played the media in ways that no other candidate had ever done before.

So maybe all those appearances, the phone-ins for sure, weren’t worth it, even if for the strange anecdotes?

You can listen to the interview here.