Donald Fagen Kicks Off Rolling Stone/Coachella Diary in Style

Foxcatcher, Selma, The Beverly Hills Hotel and more.

It’s the throwaway details in the Steely Dan man’s first dispatch for Rolling Stone that are most hilarious.

For example, at one point on his flight from JFK to LAX, Fagen was concerned about the flight attendants noticing his teary-eyed reaction to watching Selma:

Experiencing all this [Civil Rights movement history] again, I’m inconsolable. I hope the pretty stewardess doesn’t catch me crying. Or especially, the old bitch stewardess.

Later on, after Fagen was comfortably at The Beverly Hills Hotel for several other gigs scheduled around his two Coachella dates – like headlining at Robert Downey Jr.’s 50th birthday – he recalls a most backhanded hotel staffer compliment:

Another time, in the Nineties, an obviously gay doorman came up to me and said, in all seriousness, “Congratulations for anticipating the faux-lounge music craze.” I know, it’s not the French Legion d’Honneur, but, OK, thanks, buddy.

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