Don Imus and Contessa Brewer: Can he just say that?

We all know that Don Imus is cantankerous; it’s how he made his career. Probably few-to-none know this better than Contessa Brewer, who Imus denigrated on-air and ditched from his show. She added “old fool” to “cantankerous” in Page Six; he responded on-air by calling her a “pig” and a “skank” with a “fat ass,” for which MSNBC gave him the smackdown, saying the comments went “over the line.”

Okay, but that’s not the hugest smackdown, and there were rumblings about what MSNBC was letting Imus get away with. Is getting away with – ’cause the guy’s still out there saying it. On Monday’s show, Imus spoke with Tucker Carlson, who brought up La Contessa. Imus hauled off and said variations on the following: “she’s a moron,” “she doesn’t have any understanding of the news,” “she’s an idiot,” “she’s stupid” and an “airhead.” Meanwhile he’d already hung up on Tucker (who seemed to enjoy himself immensely – more on his show later) who he then called a “bow-tie wearing little pussy.” Hello, MSNBC? Hello, FCC? This dude is waaaay over the line, and has been for ages (recall the recent firing of sidekick Sid Rosenberg for his tasteless song about Kylie Minogue‘s breast cancer and who had previously been suspended for a racist joke about Venus and Serena Williams). Never mind the eyebrow-raising ranch scandal (which apparently was the line that Contessa had crossed). MSNBC, why is this guy still on the air? And Contessa, when are you going to sue his wrinkly old ass for it? Just wondering.

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