Domino staffers know front-end loading

Domino is apparently so committed to your beautiful, sparkling home that it will do your chores for you – at least when your chores are laundry and they’re being filmed for the Fox 5 morning show. Yesterday 20 New Yorkers got their laundry done for free so Domino staffers could test front-loading washing machines for their monthly “Test Drive” page (this one’s for October). For the unwashed (ha) amongst you, front-end loaders better because they use less water, don’t have an agitator and are thus more gentle on your clothes, are more energy-efficient, get your clothes cleaner, and they are “very stylish.” This is all from the Domino press materials, and they oughta know, right? Why did we ever bother with that vile, ugly top loader. We’re so ashamed.

Okay! So a whole bunch of Domino staffers descended on New Waves Laundercenter on 7th Avenue (between 20th & 21st street, for those who are looking for the best front-end loading in Chelsea), clad in stylish event-specific tees and the gleaming, sparkling smiles of the very very clean. Together they did the laundry of strangers from 9 am – 3 pm and at least from the photo evidence did not appear to be skeeved out by anything they found.

Domino recommends these brands:

  • Bosch Nexxt Washer (WFMC 3200) – $1,199.00
  • Kenmore Elite HE4t Washer (HE4t) in Pacific Blue -$1,499.99
  • Whirlpool Washer (GHW9400P) – $1,399.00
  • LG XL Front Load Stackable Washing Machine with 7 Washing Programs (WM2077C) – $1,099 in titanium
  • Miele Touchtronic Washer (W1215) – $2,099.97

…and if you need to know more you obviously have too much disposable income lying around (just kidding, actually front-end loaders are much better but also they’re newer so prices are bound to come down soon, Domino promises! Also, they’ll save you on water and electricity). In any case, we think fresh laundry smells pretty, and we like when people do our chores. The adorable launderistas of Domino after the jump, plus a hunky anchor from Fox.

Get a load of Annie Goldman, Domino’s associate market editor!

Stephanie Armstrong, executive assistant to Domino publisher, Home Furnishings director Dennis Scully and copy director, Amy Zapton, whose name is fun to say

Fox5 weatherman Mike Woods with Domino market editor Monika Biegler

Amy Zapton, Domino DJ Michael Spinnato from Eclipse Entertainment and Domino account manager Chris Bower. At Domino, everyone gets to do laundry! Kids, if you’re doing bathtubs anytime soon I’m all yours.

Domino staffers in the photo at the top of the post:
Sam, Stephanie, Lucilla, Katie, Verena, Hilary, Chris (well, the top of his head), Melanie, Dennis, Lauren, and Katherine. Oh, God, was it totally awkward when you all showed up in the same shirt? Kidding, I’m just trying to distract from the fact that I don’t have your surnames. Nah, no one’ll notice now.