Dolphin Browser HD for Android: Fast Web Page Rendering. Flipboard-like Webzine Feature native mobile view (left). Dolphin Browser HD webzie view (right)

GigaOm’s Kevin C. Tofel gave a very positive review of the new recently updated free Dolphin Browser HD.

Dolphin Browser for Android turns web into a magazine

I used an earlier version of this browser back when Android’s native browser did not provide pinch-to-zoom gesture support. However, once Android’s native browser provided gesture support, I dropped Dolphin Browser and did revisit it until after reading Kevin’s review and his praise for the browser’s webzine feature which he compares favorably to Flipboard for the iPad.

Note, however, that Kevin used the app on a Samsung Galaxy tab Android tablet. The experience on a smaller smartphone screen is, it turns out, not just a matter of scale. On a smartphone, the browser’s webzine feature works only a sites with certain design charatertics.’s mobile browser friendly view, for example, can get the websize reformatting treatment. You can see the native look along with Dolphin Browser HD’s webszie look in the screenshot here. GigaOm’s site can be webzine-ized too. However, CNN’s mobile web site cannot become a webzine on an Android phone display. And, neither can any of the Tumblr based sites I viewed.

The app’s lack of granularity in dealing with a website’s sections may also reduce its usefulness for some people. It could not, for example, just bring in the Social Times mobile vertical area in as the webzine content. It grabbed the entire front page content instead. This means that you cannot just choose a news site’s “world news” sectio for webzine-izing.

On the other hand, the browser is a lot faster than I remember it was the last time I tried it. This aspect alone may convince me to keep the app installed on my Android phone. You can find the app in the Android Market at:

Dolphin Browser HD