DOJ Ruling Could Bring In-App eBook Purchasing Back to Apple Competitors

Buying an eBook from the Amazon or Barnes & Noble app on your iPhone or iPad may get a little easier pretty soon if the Department of Justice gets its way.

Today the organization released its antitrust proposal for Apple’s price fixing punishment.  As part of the plan, Apple would be required to let competing eBook retailers provide hyperlinks to their own stores within these competing eBook apps, which would make it easier to buy books from different eBook retailers from an iOS device. A few years ago you could buy eBooks on Apple devices from within Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s apps, among others, but in 2011 Apple introduced a royalty system for all in-app media sales that made it unrealistic for retailers to sell books through iOS apps.

GalleyCat has more about the DOJ’s plans: “The proposed agreement needs to be approved by the court, but it would stop Apple from ‘entering into agreements with suppliers of e-books, music, movies, television shows or other content that are likely to increase the prices at which Apple’s competitor retailers may sell that content.'”