Doing Our Free Drinking For Us


Since we’ve up and left Austin, we’d like to pass the baton (cleverly disguised as a one-liter beer mug) to Austin art director Bryan Keplesky, who we met in person at the best SXSW party (we’re biased, of course). We’d made ourselves plenty familiar with Keplesky’s work, although we didn’t actually know it at the time: His screenprinted posters are up in bars all over town, and he may or may not have everything to do with the blissfully irreverent zine Misprint that you can find stacked in any venue worth its salt. He’s also behind the killer mural at the only barbershop in town that’s cool enough to have a party tonight, Birds.

Anyway, in our absence, Keplesky’s covering every single open bar on behalf of Austin ad agency Door Number 3. So check out his coverage for the design scoop on the rest of SXSW, even as Austin is invaded by scary Rick Rubin impostors.

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