Does this make them Patricide Girls?

Wired reports that around 30 models/journalists/muses from the extremely popular porn lifestyle site brand– based not only in LA but across the street from Joel Stein’s house— have left the company, on bad terms.

A group of angry ex-models is bashing the SuicideGirls alt-porn empire, saying its embrace of the tattoo and nipple-ring set hides a world of exploitation and male domination.

The women are spreading their allegations through the blogosphere, raising the hackles of the SuicideGirls company, which has until now enjoyed a reputation as porn even feminists can love. It offers burlesque tours, clothes and DVDs in addition to a sprawling online library of naked punk and goth women.

“The recent accusations are a little upsetting,” said “Missy,” the co-founder of SuicideGirls. “We think they’re all pretty much unfounded.”

It’s refreshing to hear an embattled media company call the charges against it “pretty much unfounded.” So much more nuanced than old favorites like “categorically untrue” or “outrageous.”

Anyway, I’ve read some of these blog posts (such as the one here) to try to figure out what the issues are, but it all seems a little inside-baseball to us here at FishbowlLA HQ, where nobody ever gets tattoos or takes off their clothes. If anyone can explain it, please email.

(link via LAist)