Does the Post Hate Fox? MSNBC?

An interesting question was raised during yesterday’s chat with Howard Kurtz: Why is it that CNN is the only cable news network listed in the Style section’s TV grid?

Kurtz says that “I’m sure it’s a space issue, but I think they should include Fox and MSNBC as well. It is probably a hangover from the days when CNN was the only cable news network.”

If it’s a space issue, then how come such channels as Lifetime, TLC and Univision made the cut? In this news obsessed town, do those channels really deserve the preferential treatment?

And, if Kurtz is correct that “It is probably a hangover from the days when CNN was the only cable news network,” what else over at the Post is still operating in a 1996-world?

Our money is on the Post ultimately updating their TV grid…if for no other reason than to spare themselves of another assault from the blogs. It’s just a matter of when…we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

> UPDATE: An astute anonymous reader (a likely a’er eager to deflect attention/criticism to the tree version, points out: “Lest anyone get into another ‘the newspaper is different than the website’ fight, the website does have Fox and MSNBC. So the bloggers should direct their mail to Deborah Howell and not”

Angry Fox/MSNBC fans, you have your marching orders.

> UPDATE: To the anonymous tipster from MSNBC…please write me at patrick AT mediabistro DOT com (anonymity assured)