Journo Joins Kansas City Law Firm

The axiom “We’re not in Kansas anymore” applies to just about every aspect of the wretched Frank-Jamie McCourt Dodgers saga. But in the case of 25-year-old accidental journalist Josh Fisher (pictured), the exact opposite is now true.

After making his name as a subject matter expert via, the University of Kansas alum and spring 2011 University of Minnesota law school grad is getting ready to start as an associate at the downtown Kansas City offices of Bryan Cave LLP, a law firm founded three years before Major League Baseball. But he insists, in an interview with school newspaper the Daily Kansan, that he will continue to cover the McCourt saga:

“You don’t throw something like this away,” Fisher said. He will continue operating the site as long as there’s a use for it…

At the same time, covering the Dodgers is a lot of work, and Fisher will soon need to focus on his new job at the law firm. “I can’t have these people filing for bankruptcy every week,” he said. “I didn’t buy”

Separately, Fisher tells FishbowlLA he will work with Cave’s corporate group. And from a law student’s POV, he confirms the obvious; the Dodgers divorce courtroom proceedings have been a fabulous learning experience.

“David Boies and Steve Susman are such polar opposites, but both were extremely effective advocates,” Fisher explains via email. “[Frank attorney] Susman was everything you’d expect a big-time Texas trial lawyer to be: larger than life, aggressively funny, and a shade irreverent. [Jamie’s lawyer] Boies was a technical wonder. He’d have witnesses answering questions ten steps before he actually posed them.”