Do You Dumb Down Your Posts for Facebook? Google+ May Be for You

As Google Plus begins to win its followers, we’re seeing a bit of a culture shift on the users of the network.  As with any new technology, the first adopters tend to be a close-knit bunch, and out of them, inevitably, come a few users who stick their nose up at any earlier, unsophisticated options.  Browsing Reddit, the best social news source on the web, I found corroborating evidence.

Certainly, this comment below only represents one user, and it’s telling that he’s making the post on Facebook, but have you noticed an attitude from your Google Plussers?  Is “Plussers” the correct term?

In another battle between the two networks, self-proclaimed “Google Girl” recently made a post comparing Google Plus to Facebook, and again took the road of saying Google Plus was the more sophisticated network.

This may be attributed to the fact that Google Plus enables longer posts, as can be seen by Sergey Brin’s recent rant against SOPA.  The resulting post was fully formatted with links, and more resembled a blog post than a regular status update.  This is a serious advantage to those who want to communicate with their friends in a longer way.

That said, Twitter sits at the end of the spectrum in regards to length, and they do just fine.  It’s almost welcoming to limit people to a sentence or two to get the gist of what they’re saying before I click through and read the whole thing.

So what do you think?  Which of the big social networks is smartest?