Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 En Route to the Liberty Hotel


If you’re looking for a place to stay in Boston this fall, you better be naughty. Very, very naughty. Because if you’re going to Boston’s hottest new boutique hotel, you’re going straight to jail.

The Charles Street Jail, located in Beacon Hill, has just reopened as the Liberty Hotel (ironic, isn’t it?). A five-year restoration transformed the historic property, built in 1851 by architect Gridley James Fox Bryant and the Reverend Louis Dwight, an advocate for prison reform and prominent penologist (a word we cannot write with a straight face).

From design and decor to day-to-day style, the building’s penal past is authentically and often playfully captured. References to its history include a specially commissioned mosaic by artist Coral Bourgeois featuring multi-textured tiles depicting historical scenes from penitentiaries and true life crimes; “do not disturb” door hangers wisely worded “Solitary;” and Alibi, the first floor bar that is housed within the jail’s former “drunk tank.”

To further authenticate the jailhouse experience, single toilets are centrally located in a large communal room on each floor.