AFL-CIO President Ended DNC Interview by Swatting Away Reporter

The trigger word: TPP.

It happened on the floor of the DNC Tuesday. And today, freelance journalist Arun Gupta has revisited his impromptu walking encounter with AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka.

Gupta basically accosted Trumka as the latter walked by and kept pace to ask a few questions. The labor union leader abruptly ended the conversation by swatting a cardboard sign in the journalist’s direction. From Gupta’s item:

I asked Trumka, “Aren’t you afraid once she [Hillary Clinton] gets into office she’ll support free-trade deals?” Trumka responded, “No, I’m not worried at all, she’s against TPP.”

Before I could point out that Clinton voted for or supported eight of ten free-trade deals as a New York senator, Trumka smacked me in the face with a flimsy cardboard sign, declaring, “We’re done. We’re done.”

I laughed in surprise, but the question of free trade is utterly serious as long-time Clinton confidant and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe claimed at the convention that Hillary Clinton would support TPP once in the White House (which her campaign denied).

To see video of the incident, click through to Gupta’s Facebook Live video and cursor to the 18:00 mark.

Screen grab via: Facebook