DivX Certifies Mobile Chipset

It will (hopefully) soon be easier to watch high-quality DivX video on cell phones.
divx-black-blue.gifThe company has certified a new chipset from mobile semiconductor outfit Mtekvision. According to a post on Afterdawn.com, the DivX Mobile Certification that Mtekvision’s MV8722 chipset received is still fairly rare, but means that phones that use the chips will enable DivX video playback at up to 720×400 resolutions.

“MtekVision’s MV8722 illustrates DivX’s commitment toward expanding an ecosystem of devices that operate with a common media language,” Patrice Lagrange, VP and group business manager of media languages at DivX said in the article. “With consumers continuously on the move, it is important to offer mobile solutions that maintain the entertainment standards set by the living room and provide a seamless experience between the myriad of devices used daily.”