Diving Into The Cheney Pool

dick_cheney867.jpgHotline’s Marc Ambinder has a fascinating little scoop: Print and television organizations are working to determine whether it’s feasible to track Vice President Dick Cheney on his little weekend escapes. While the President usually has a full press pool with him even when he has no public appearances and is attending private events, Cheney often has no press with him–as the nation learned last weekend when he shot a guy in a hunting accident and no one noticed.

“When Cheney wants to get out of town, he can come and go as he pleases. Major media organizations have tried to keep track of Cheney informally but have had little success,” Ambinder writes. “The networks are thinking about establishing an informal pool to stake out the Naval Observatory and to exchange, on a limited basis, editorial information to facilitate that pool. Print outlets will also ramp up their coverage.”

Mostly the veep travels in obscurity on weekends out-of-town, leading to the many “secure undisclosed location” jokes when he disappears for days at a time: “Of the dozens of trips he’s made, only a handful have found their way into the newspapers, usually because an excitable staff member at a regional airport leaks word to the local press.”

So will we see Anne Kornblut lounging on the lawn of the Finnish Embassy soon? Or maybe Peter Wallsten wandering around town with a police scanner listening for the landing of Air Force Two?