California Adventure’s Newest Character: A Fictitious Food Critic

In the beginning, Disneyland had its own newspaper, The Disneyland News. But it wasn’t until this summer, as part of the ongoing revamp of California Adventure, that the neighboring theme park also jumped into the retro-print newspaper game with The Buena Vista Bugle.

Per an Orange County Register report by Sarah Tully, the four-page monthly publication was launched in June and favors old-style fonts. FishbowlLA’s favorite part is the name of the faux food critic:

The copy comes from an in-house writer but in the voice of the characters of Buena Vista Street. A snarky, fictional food critic, Inglebert Irving, gives recommendations on drinks and appetizers. A celebrity-sighting column shows where characters can be spotted. The back page is designed in the style of a want-ad section, but has listings of shows, entertainment and stores.

Alas, the future of the Bugle is far from certain. According to Tully’s piece, there is no guarantee the paper will continue publishing after upcoming special Halloween and Christmas season editions.