DISH CEO Pooh Poohs Idea That AMC Shows Will be Back On DISH Anytime Soon

Eliot Spitzer, Michael Buffer and Glenn Beck

At a bizarre press conference here in New York, the CEO of satellite TV company DISH Network said that there did not appear to be an end in sight regarding the ongoing carriage feud between DISH and AMC Networks.

The CEO, Joseph Clayton, was asked point blank whether AMC programming would be on DISH anytime soon. “Not that I am aware of,” was his brief retort.

Clayton was ostensibly there to promote a debate between Current TV host Eliot Spitzer and former Fox News host Glenn Beck, but DISH’s other PR incidents were also prominently featured. The other big controversy is over “Auto-hop,” a DISH DVR service that automatically skips commercials for viewers.

“Do you want someone telling you can’t skip commercials in the privacy of your own home? Are you kidding me? Come on,” Clayton said. “I don’t know how the courts will rule on this, but I know in the court of public opinion we have already won this one.”

Beck concurred with Clayton.

“[Commercials] are important, but they don’t work the way they did in 1955, it is not the 1950’s anymore, it isn’t even the same century anymore,” Beck said. “It has to be innovative.”