Discovr Music for iPad: Find Music Similar to Artists You Like

I tried out a useful free app discovery tool for the iPhone and named iPad Discovr Apps last week. This week, I took a look at another free app from the same developer that provides a graphical tool to help you discover music that is related to music you already like.

Discovr Music

Here’s how it works. You type in the name of an musical artist that you like. Six other artists that may appeal to you based on the artist of interest appear around your search target. Tapping on any of these related artists brings up another six artist suggestions. You can share these suggestions via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Double-tapping on an artist brings up a pages that provides a biography, list of songs, related blog posts, reviews, and links. I found that this detailed page often resulted in a “No songs found for this artist.” However, when songs are available, they can be previewed in the app. A song can also be purchased via a link to iTunes.