Discovery App AppAide Recommends Apps Based on Use, Not Downloads

What makes a good app?

Lots of app stores list popular apps based on the number of times they’ve been downloaded, but that doesn’t tell you how many weren’t deleted right away.  You also can’t really judge an app based on its star rating; you don’t know how many of those ratings are valid.

But if you knew how often an app was used then you  might be able to judge the value of an app, and that’s where AppAide comes in.

This free iOS app tracks the apps you are using and then aggregates the data, Other AppAide users can then recommendations which reflect which apps are being used the most.

AipAide was launched in July, and it has since been downloaded over 3,000 times. It’s only available in iTunes at the moment, but the developers plan to release an Android version by the end of this month.

via Mashable