Diner Dash mysteriously reappears at the top of this week’s emerging games list on Facebook

Playfirst’s Diner Dash tripled its monthly active users and scrambled to the top of our list this week, which is odd as the developer shut the game down in August. We’ve contacted Playfirst to find out what caused the spike.

The No. 2 spot on the list looks to be an illegal port of the Valve shooter Counter Strike. In reality, this isn’t a shooter at all: it’s a toilet paper-rolling game with links to other (legit) Facebook titles placed around the page. This isn’t the first time a Counter-Strike impostor has come to our attention, Counter Strike Red Team Go appeared on Facebook back in 2008 and was quickly dismissed as “a cheap knock-off and cash in that rips the soul out of game and puts it in an easily accessible web format.”

Retro World, meanwhile, continues to gain traction.  The game is now at No. 3, thanks to media attention over its new I Love Lucy expansion from last week.

Aside from Diner Dash, five other games saw gains of 100 percent or more: EA’s Solitaire Blitz, Legyen Ön is Milliomos! játék (“Become a Millionaire! game”), MindJolt’s Ball Rain, Zynga’s Blackjack and MindJolt’s Bowman. We’re fairly sure that Blackjack is indeed Zynga’s next title to appear in the Casino franchise; the app, however, currently directs players to Zynga Poker. We’ve reached out for comment.

Finally, don’t expect to see Legyen Ön is Milliomos! játék on the list next week, though, since the title’s Facebook page has a message — in Hungarian — explaining that the game has ceased operation because of something having to do with the European Union being a patent holder.

MAUGain Gain,%
1.   Diner Dash40,000+30,000+ 300%
2.   Counter Strike80,000+20,000+ 33%
3.   Retro World60,000+20,000+ 50%
4.   Solitaire Blitz40,000+20,000+ 100%
5.   Who Has The Biggest Brain?90,000+20,000+ 29%
6.   彈彈堂 – Efunfun繁體版90,000+20,000+ 29%
7.   開心推金幣80,000+20,000+ 33%
8.   Legyen Ön is Milliomos! játék20,000+11,000+ 122%
9.   (Lil) Farm Life50,000+10,000+ 25%
10.   8-Ball60,000+10,000+ 20%
11.   Akinator30,000+10,000+ 50%
12.   Ball Rain20,000+10,000+ 100%
13.   Being Human50,000+10,000+ 25%
14.   Bet Tycoon – Betting Game50,000+10,000+ 25%
15.   Blackjack20,000+10,000+ 100%
16.   Bowman20,000+10,000+ 100%
17.   Candystand.com40,000+10,000+ 33%
18.   Car Madness80,000+10,000+ 14%
19.   Carbon Auto Theft60,000+10,000+ 20%
20.   Charadium30,000+10,000+ 50%

Due to a miscategorization, Bubble Raider was left off this list in error.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.