Diller: I Doubt We Have Very Much Interest In Buying AOL


Point: John C. Malone. IAC/InterActiveCorp’s fourth quarter $369.9 million loss gives Libert Media Corporation chairman Malone even more ammunition in his operatic struggle to oust Diller from the digital media company he founded. Last summer Diller became the first media mogul to get hit by the housing crisis. From Bloomberg:

”’It probably hurts Barry Diller’s hand,’ said Jeffrey Lindsay, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. in New York. ‘If he came in with a stellar set of results, the balance of sentiment among investors would be for him. Now, there’s probably no momentum to maintain Barry Diller in his current role.’ He recommends investors hold their shares.”

Also: Diller has no immediate plans to buy AOL. From CNNMoney:

”Speaking on a conference call with analysts after the Internet and media conglomerate released fourth-quarter results, Diller said he would prefer to remain focused on IAC’s search and advertising business, rather than the AOL portal business model.

”’That really is our strategy for the future. If AOL came down in price to something ridiculous, we probably would look at it. I just doubt we have very much interest in it,’ he said.”

At post time IACI shares were down $1.56 or 6.35% at $22.99

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