Digital Marketing Guy Creates Fake Kickstarter To Get A Job

Sander Saar wants a job, so he’s created a campaign that, he says, takes the best elements of a Kickstarter campaign and transforms them into a job campaign.

Saar says that within a day of launching, he had made the front page of Hacker News (which tends to provide a boost of between 3,000 and 30,000 visitors, we’ve read) and his video had been viewed more than 2,000 times.

What makes it a Kickstarter-esque project besides the site design? Well, potential employers can “pledge” to meet with or temporarily hire Saar. The lowest-level “pledge” is to meet the guy for coffee. Higher levels include giving him a two-week tryout (he says he’ll work for free) or even a full-time job.

Our unsolicited take, in which we use Saar as an example to educate others: Ok, we smiled when we saw the layout. Pretty much everyone in the Western world has probably seen at least one Kickstarter (and it’s possible we’ve all backed at least one failed project). And Saar’s interactive videos aren’t bad.

However, judging from the response so far, Saar could change his approach. For one thing, he doesn’t present very well in video, and looks like he’s looking at the ceiling for a good chunk of one of them. (Yes, it’s rough when English is not your first language. The fact remains…) For another, while an interactive CV is clever, Sander really should have his actual resume on the site somewhere obvious (we had to go to his LinkedIn page). And finally, this is just a nitpick but shouldn’t there be more than one opportunity to take Saar to coffee? Maybe open the campaign up to 10 backers or so at that lowest level?

We felt like this tactic was creative enough that we had to call it out on MJD, but the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the backing, and no backers means that maybe Saar was just a little too creative for most employers. Don’t give up, dude–tweak and try again.

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