Digital Hollywood: “Digitally Enabled Storytelling” Panel

Digital Hollywood kicked off Monday in Santa Monica. The “Digitally Enabled Storytelling” Panel was moderated by Emmy and Peabody Award winning filmmaker Jeffrey Tuchman. Panelists included Oscar winning producer of Taxi to the Dark Side, Eva Orner; director and cinematographer Scott B; Felt Films director/producer Laura Nix; Amazing Race casting producer Adam Drucker; and Bandito Brothers CTO Jacob Rosenberg.

Debate focused primarily on documentary pics and how technological developments have affected the way these films are produced. Orner waxed nostalgic, recalling the days she used to employ someone whose sole job was to fax out call sheets. But she was quick to qualify the impact technology has had on her trade. “Everyone can talk ’til they’re blue in the face about technology,” she said, “but at the end of the day, it’s the story that matters.”

However, all agreed that technological advances now enable filmmaking on any budget. Scott B explained that he can now shoot a film with only two people, to which Orner added, “Now, it’s ‘How much can I raise?’ I can shoot a doc for nothing or $3 million.”

Rosenberg injected some humor into the end of the debate. When asked what he would like to see invented or developed that “isn’t there yet,” he quickly responded: “mass audience intelligence.”