Diet Coke Gets a Facelift

Beginning Sept. 1, the Diet Coke cans you know and love will look a little different. The new design, created by Turner Duckworth, first showed up on supermarket shelves last fall as a limited-edition package, but it will now become the regular face of the leading soda brand. As you can see at left, the familiar silver, black, and red color scheme will remain the same, but the classic logo has been cropped to emphasize the iconic serif “D” and “k.”

So why the makeover? Brand spokeswoman Kerry Tressler said the design is returning “by popular demand” after extensive market testing by Coca-Cola that began way back in August and September of 2010. According to Ad Age, “In a trial with Target, the test market saw volume growth outpace the rest of the country.” That’s pretty significant evidence that the new can may be a hit. “It wasn’t an accidental design or something that we just happened on,” said Katie Bayne, Coca-Cola’s president-sparkling beverages.

The new logo will not appear on bottles, only cans–but it will also make an appearance on a T-shirt designed by Miami International University of Art and Design student Gustavo Alonso. Target stores nationwide will stock the shirt to promote Diet Coke’s Young Designer Challenge.

Ms. Tressler wouldn’t spill the beans to Ad Age about the brand’s future marketing or customer outreach plans, but she did say that there would be more news in the coming weeks. We hope Diet Coke isn’t already thinking about going under the knife again–moderation in all things, you know?