Did Nicolas Chartier Get a Career Boost from the ‘Hurt Locker’ Scandal?

Anne Thompson thinks so:

Chartier has never gotten so many e-mails, mostly supportive. His multiple Voltage Entertainment projects are moving forward with speed and alacrity. He’s now known all over the world. Amazon DVD sales of The Hurt Locker jumped in the last week (the DVD is currently ranked at 22), Chartier believes, not due to Oscar nominations, critical acclaim and multiple awards–but to Chartier’s viral global notoriety. Chartier can get into any Oscar party he wants now, and is delighted to be having one thrown for him on Oscar night (by WME’s Graham Taylor and producer Lynette Howell).

Of course, things aren’t all good for Chartier:

The bad news: the long-standing rift between Chartier and The Hurt Locker team of Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal is clearly irreparable. And as one of the film’s producers, Chartier is also named in Sergeant Jeffrey Sarver’s lawsuit against The Hurt Locker and Playboy accusing Boal of stealing his character.

In the end, however, Thompson says Chartier’s emails “broke too late to have much impact on the race, as most of Oscar ballots were mailed well before March 2 — prov[ing] the old adage: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

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