Did Adobe Steal Kuler Idea From COLOURlovers?


When Adobe launched Kuler, its palette creation tool where you can rate, tag and share palettes, the whole thing felt a little too shady for one Darius A. Monsef. Monsef is the founder of COLOURlovers, an extremely similar color & community site founded in 2004 and in this piece on the COLOURlovers blog, Monsef compares the two right down to the grayscale site design and the fact that color is spelled with a “u”…but he says Adobe disagrees:

I’m a huge fan of Adobe. As a designer I’ve used Photoshop & Dreamweaver since I started in this business. I contacted Adobe’s legal team to let them know they had duplicated my efforts, and that I was hoping to find a working relationship and partnership rather than to proceed with any sort of legal actions…The Adobe legal response was “Other than the abstract idea of allowing users to create and discuss individualized colors and color combinations, the CL and kuler sites are entirely distinctive from each other.”