Dick Ebersol Out at NBCU Sports

NBC Universal chairman Dick Ebersol has resigned his post after Ebersol and his new corporate overlords at Comcast were unable to reach a deal for a new contract. Ebersol had been running the network’s sports programming since 1989–with mixed results. Recently, the network lost about $220 million on its Vancouver Olympics coverage after Ebersol’s bid $2 billion for 2010 and 2012 — an amount most consider to be ludicrously high.

Then there was Ebersol deciding to stick his nose where it didn’t belong in the Leno/Conan late night war–saying of Conan’s initial ascension to the Tonight Show, “we backed the wrong guy.”

Not surprisingly, most media reports seem to be portraying Ebersol’s exit as inevitable.

NBC Sports Cable Group president Mark Lazurus will replace Ebersol.