Dick Ebersol as Baseball Commissioner? Not Going to Happen.

According to the ever-reliable Page Six, NBC Sports & Olympics head Dick Ebersol might be pursuing the job of commissioner of Major League Baseball. “The buzz at the West Street Grill in tony Litchfield, Conn., is that local resident Dick Ebersol, the uber-chief of NBC Sports & Olympics, would chuck it all to be commissioner of Major League Baseball, the job now held by Bud Selig,” the tabloid says.

As far as we can tell, the conjecture is based upon the fact that the Peacock maestro has been driving around CT in a red retro-Chevy he purchased for his wife Susan Saint James last year.

Even if there is more to this story, we highly doubt anything will come to pass in the near future. Ebersol reigns NBC Sports with an iron fist and he’s more visible in that position than he would be as MLB commish. The Olympics in Vancouver are less than 18 months away and he won’t leave before those are over. Ebersol’s other pet-project, the network’s National Football League game on Sunday night, is in the third season of a six-year deal. Given Ebersol’s level of involvement with the broadcast, it’s hard to picture him leaving before the deal ends.

Conclusion: Bud, your seat is safe… for now.

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