Dick Costolo’s Twitter Wish List? Melissa McCarthy, Tina Fey And Amy Poehler

Most celebrities take to Twitter like ducks to water, and even those who are resistant at first quickly become addicts once they’ve figured it all out. But there are still a few big names out there who have yet to take the plunge, and some of them get very vocal about their reasons why.

Still, if you had your druthers, which celebs would you like to see on Twitter? The TODAY show spoke to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo about his wish list on Friday, and his answer might surprise you.

“I would say it’s the collection of female comedians,” said Costolo to TODAY’s Matt Lauer. “Melissa McCarthy. It’s Tina Fey, it’s Amy Poehler.”

Costolo, of course, has something of a background in improvisational comedy, which perhaps explains his choices. Indeed, he proposed that his history in the comedy world might work to his advantage in convincing his chosen trio to sign up.

“I should be able to use some of my pull from my Chicago improvisation days to get a few of ’em onto the platform — and I’ll make that my goal,” Costolo told Lauer.

(Source: TODAY. Dick Costolo image: jdlasica via Flickr.)