Dexter Actor on Magazine Cover Advertising Campaign: ‘There Are Too Many of Me.”

A month ago, we drew your attention to an advertising campaign for the Showtime hit Dexter that featured the show’s lead character on multiple mock magazine covers. Earlier tonight, The New Yorker‘s Drew Schutte asked the network’s CEO Matthew Blank and Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall, about the buy.

“It’s weird. It’s overwhelming. I can’t compete,” Hall said of seeing his face everywhere. “There are too many of me.”

Blank pointed to last year’s out-of-the-box campaign as a reason for this year’s. “The success of [last year’s] campaign led us to believe that this Dexter character could be a pop culture hero,” he said. Ratings for the season premiere were up 20 percent so the CEO believes the covers were a success (although he also believes having the show on CBS helped.)

Blank explained that he wasn’t worried about new technologies interfering with Showtime’s business model, as long as entire episodes weren’t available for free. “We don’t have to get a viewer at 9 o’clock on a Sunday night,” he said. “We can get them at 10 o’clock on a Tuesday night. We can get them On-Demand. We can get them on DVR. … We’re not in the eyeball business. We’re in the hearts and mind business.”

“Anything that samples our product to an audience of potential subscribers is good for us,” the executive added later.

How does Hall feel about the potential SAG strike?

“I don’t imagine that the strike will get the 75 percent authorization they need to move forward,” Hall said. “I don’t know that I’ll be supporting it at this time.”

An audience member asked Hall how playing Dexter compared with his previous character, David Fisher, in Six Feet Under: “They are both surrounded by dead bodies. Dexter is more on the supply side. … Dexter’s a bit more proactive than David was. More of a go-getter.”