The Devil is in the Prada Details

One is a rumored Broadway musical, the other a Christian metalcore band.

If and when a Broadway musical adaptation of 20th Century Fox movie The Devil Wears Prada comes to fruition, it will stand as a diametric bookend to the other current live performance strand. In case you didn’t already know, long before the 2006 film was being talked about as the potential spark for an NYC musical, the source novel by Lauren Weisberger spawned a metalcore band of the same name in 2005.

It just so happens that the thrashing Prada gang are this week wrapping up a brief tour in the U.S. Heartland. As news spreads of a potential Hathaway-Streep derived Broadway musical, the four-man group is making its way from Kansas yesterday and Iowa tonight to a Zombie EP anniversary tour wrap-up gig in Illinois tomorrow.

Another important detail. The members of this metalcore band are avowed Christians and, well, they’ve stuck with the name despite an early bump. From the Wikipedia distillation of a High Wire Daze biography:

At the time of naming the band, the members assumed that the novel included anti-materialism as its moral, until later discovering that the novel did not feature this as its message at all. Despite making this mistake, the band members refused to change the name and decided that they would create a new, non-materialistic definition indicating that at the Last Judgment, God will not look at people’s possessions.

The band, which calls Chicago and San Diego home, recently lost one of its founding members.