Developer Tip: How to Tag Friends in Status Updates from Your App (Undocumented)

facebook platform developersEarlier today, Facebook released its new “status tagging” feature to all users, a new way to tag friends, Pages, groups, and events in status updates much like mentions on @twitter work.

However, while status tagging is a powerful tool for users and Page administrators, Facebook hasn’t officially launched any new API’s for developers to take advantage of the feature. Last week, Andrew Huang, the product manager at Facebook responsible for status tagging, told us that while Facebook waiting to see how the feature plays out before they expand it, Facebook is thinking about how new Platform APIs could enable users to tag Facebook connections.

Nevertheless, some developers are finding at least one way to tag friends in status updates from apps. All you have to do is use the following format in status updates, and Facebook will automatically display status tags:

Tagging @[USERID:blah] in a status update from my app

Where “USERID” is the numeric Facebook ID of the user you want to tag, and “blah” can be any string (Facebook will always print and link the name of the tagged user no matter what you put here, but you must enter some text here in order for this to work). You can also simply type this syntax in the regular Facebook publisher, and it will work.

Thanks to Tom Waddington for the tip.