Developer Roadmap Update: November Rollup Migration Coming December 12

Facebook has been pushing back a set of updates to its graph API since last month, but according to a developer update from late last week, it’s happening this coming Sunday, the 12th.

The changes are for the most part small (we’ve covered them in more detail when they were announced). Here they are:

  • Graph API: The fan_count attribute on the Page object will be renamed to likes.
  • Graph API: The likes connection on the Post object will include both the count and the users that have liked the object.
  • Graph API: All id fields returned by POST calls will be typed as strings.
  • Graph API: For events, start_time and end_time will use UTC time rather than in Pacific time. This address a common (and vocal) requested from the community.
  • FQL: The networks field in privacy table will be ‘ALL_NETWORKS’ instead of ‘1’ if an object is shared for all of user’s networks.

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