Detroit Free Press Publishes Front-Page Editorial

'Some slurs are so heinous that they must be answered...'

It’s not just the New York dailies, of course, that are reacting in a most prominent fashion this week to Donald Trump’s latest pronouncements. Another Daily News, in Philadelphia, came out with this on Tuesday:


And today, in Michigan, the Detroit Free Press has followed The New York Times’ Dec. 5 front-page lead by posting an A1 op-ed. The article is defiantly headlined “We Stand Together:”


The paper’s Editorial Board writes that ‘when Donald Trump says America should close its borders to Muslim immigrants, he’s not just attacking a fundamental American strength. He’s attacking us — our community, our neighbors, the rich, diverse fabric that makes up southeast Michigan.’

After the NYT published its op-ed about the need for gun control, a certain radio host shot up a copy of the Saturday newspaper, proudly. We expect some similar sort of reaction to this Free Press call for Trump control.