Designers Call for Full-On Boycott of Glens Falls


Wanting to check in on the little town with the big design problem, we visited the Glens Falls Post Star site over the weekend to see if there had been any additional anti-Glaser brouhaha deposited in the comments of the logo story that shook the world. And glory be if we didn’t find ourselves quite the hour of entertainment.

After a smattering of you-go-girl comments posted by locals, it’s clear when the design world began to pick up on the piece due to a ton of high-profile links. Suddenly designers from all over start trying to give Glens Falls its design education. Clearly taken aback, editor Mark Mahoney posts one of the greatest comments we’ve ever seen:

I’m curious how an editorial written two weeks ago and one that is very difficult to find on the Website is suddenly swamped with universally negative comments from people defending this expenditure and this artist. Is this part of a college class project, or was this editorial sent out to graphic artists around the country to defend your collective honor? I seriously would like to understand what could suddenly inspire this landslide of condemnation. The city spent 25,000 taxpayer dollars for a drawing of a window with the words “Glens Falls” in it. Unless the person is a household name, the city will get no outside benefit whatsoever from this person’s reputation in his field. I could name a dozen local people off the top of my head who could have come up with a better logo for less money. Any way you slice it, it’s a waste.

Boy, do we have our work cut out for us.