Designer Giles Deacon Clothes Giant Chocolate Rabbit


Without doubt, Giles Deacon is a big-shot in the world of fashion. Having worked at Gucci and Louis Vuitton before launching his own line six years ago, he’s gone on to win countless awards (including British Designer of the Year), celebrity endorsements (when they wear his stuff) and was was called, by the Independent two years past, the “king of London.” He even dated Beth Orton in the 1990s. So what’s next for the man after he sweeps into Paris to “show the French capital what he’s made of”? Well, it involves chocolate. And the head of a rabbit. To be more clear, the Cadbury chocolate company has decided to revive their Cadbury Caramel Bunny, who is sort of the Jessica Rabbit of chocolate, and to tie this all together, in the multi-million dollar ad campaign, Ms. Bunny will be wearing a dress designed by Giles Deacon. Why she’s in a designer dress and not, say, just a dress an animator would come up with? We have no idea. We are sure, however, that this sort of thing probably needs to be authorized before it can be used, and because of that, it makes us like Deacon all the more. We can imagine him saying, “Sure, why not. Now please end the check to…” Or could he have even decided to take the job to design specifically for Ms. Bunny? Either way is good by us. And hey, here’s to hoping it leads to lots more dress sales, to chocolate-y, human-like rabbits or otherwise.