Designboom’s Very Thorough Trip to Israel

This writer has never been to the Israel, but he’s always been a big fan of the work that comes out of there. Just like in places like Brazil, or Northern Europe, there’s a distinct style that can’t be confused with anything else. Particularly, that’s the way it is there. The bright, yet somehow muted colors and the stark, clean lines. It’s almost as if everything that’s made is required to be sandblasted with a thin layer of sand. That said, we were thrilled to see that Designboom recently took a trip to Israel and highlighted some of the fantastic design work coming out of the country. Here’s a bit:

We’ve been told that there are not many companies interested to collaborate with local designers. People are looking for opportunities or new challenges, to find an entry point to work in the creative world. This is one reason why Israeli design has concentrated more on artistic expression then on functional / technical aspects. Young Israeli design in the recent past has focused on reuse of objects and recycling of materials, giving a certain “raw” aesthetic to their design.